French Garden Adventures, offering themed holidays in the Dordogne, was born as a result of us wishing to share our discovery of the wonderful gardens in Aquitaine, South West France.

Famed for its beautiful countryside, flowering fruit and nut trees and colourful fields of sunflowers this region of France is a wonderful place for garden lovers to visit.


Since moving to Domaine des Faures in the Dordogne, we have explored gardens both large and small. There are magnificent large gardens with fabulous topiary and classic French design as well as smaller more intimate gardens with fountains, scented flowers and exquisite trees, such as the savonnier and the albezia.

We have lived in this region since 2006, renovating the manor house, running an organic farm and creating our own garden. Our home now offers either B&B or self-catering accommodation and we pride ourselves on providing excellent hospitality including evening meals for guests who wish to relax in the evenings after a day exploring the region.

If your idea of a perfect holiday or a mini-break is being able to visit wonderful gardens in a beautiful and easily accessible area of France, we welcome you to join us on French Garden Adventures.


Ray & Jacinta