Easter weekend

With Easter this weekend the preparations for the new season are nearly complete and we are looking forward to meeting our guests. The spring gardens are looking wonderful and the flower festivals are always great fun.



Outdoor Life

We really enjoy this time of year as the longer days and added warmth mean we can spend our time in the garden. The outdoor life suits us as we love to see nature awaken after the winter.






With the glorious spring we have been enjoying the wisteria by our front door has been wonderful. The fragrance is amaxzing.




This area of France is famed for its plum farms and the production of the most delicious prunes which are used in wonderful savoury or sweet dishes. With increasing warmth and longer days we shall soon be enjoying looking at the fields covered in blossom .



The daffodils under our ancient cross are always the first to appear. The warmth from the wall and the shelter of the trees must make for a cosy spot.



Marqueyssac is a truly inspiring garden. Found on a dramatic rocky hill it is definitely worth a visit and is a very popular stop on our garden tours.Marqueyssac