Garden Rooms

The stone summer house nestles among the plants

The influence of Italy can be found in many gardens

Formal structure frames clever planting

Box lined paths lead from room to room

Autumn Colours

The land changes its clothes.

The herbaceous border takes on a mellow hue.

Asters provide a burst of colour.

The Medlar tree is weighed down with fruit.

The vineyards are laden with grapes.

The sunsets take on a special vibrance.

Water Lilies

It's hard to choose a favourite water-lily!

The Lotus is a truly exotic plant.

The antique water beds at Latour-Marliac.

Water lilies come in various shapes and colours.

Jardin d'Eyrignac

Naturalistic planting is also to be found in secret gardens.

An army of dedicated gardeners keep the box in shape.

A formal pond is surrounded by topiary and trees

Jardin d'Eyrignac is famed for its topiary.

The views from the hill top is glorious.

Lavender farming in the Lot

The modified tea leaf cutter.

Enjoy the shade of the nut trees.

The bees hum through the flowers.

An organic farm full of the scent of lavender.

Views from Domaine des Faures

View from front terrace

View across old cattle yard