Barn Owl and Bats

Wandering down to the barns early the other morning we were delighted by one of our resident barn owls swooping over our heads while bats were dashing around collecting insects for their breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Gardening Galore

Being blessed with fabulous weather has been wonderful during the present situation. We spend the days outside busy gardening; weeding, pruning and planting. We now need some rain as although we always plant drought resistant plants they do need moisture when they are young and settling in. Fortunately we have a huge pile of mulch. … Read moreGardening Galore

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

As the strange times continue we at Domaine des Faures are busy in the garden and preparing for the summer. New grass areas are beginning to flourish and the blooms and scent are wonderful in the light breeze. We wish all our visitors , both past and future a very Happy Easter.

Country Sounds

We are enjoying the most glorious weather and after a day working outside take time to listen to the sounds of the country while sipping an ‘apéritif ‘. Last evening we once again heard the woodpecker, a regular visitor, drumming away on a nearby tree. A perfect end to a lovely day.

Stunning skies

There really is nothing so wonderful than starting and ending a day with a stunning sky. Fortunately we seem to be blessed with many and love them so much we are tempted to catch the moment every time! There are some delights of which you can never tire.    

Rose planning

We have had such a mild winter the roses are bursting into life. I bought a wonderful rose last year called Blue Eyes and the scent and profusion of flowers means that I shall certainly be adding another this year.