The campsis flowers

It has taken three years of patience for the Campsis Bignone to eventually flower. Having enviedĀ  magnificent displays in neighbouring gardens hopefully we are now on the way to a beautiful show of our own.


As we near the end of summer the Lespedeza begins to come into its own. The flowered fronds waft gently in the breeze and shine out in the sunshine.

Chateau Milandes

Chateau Milandes, once the home of Josephine Baker is open to the public. In addition to the exhibition of costumes and the wonderful falconry displays there is now the beautiful garden. Originally Charles Claverie commissioned Jules Vacherot, head gardener of Paris to design the garden which is now the subject of extensive renovation.

Welcome rain

This week has seen some rain which has been very welcome. The grass had turned brown and the plants were wilting under the intense sun. It took just a couple of nights rain (fortunately not during the day) to change everything.