A chilly end to March

March seems to be going out with a cold snap. After really warm sunshine we’re having a fortunately short spell of frost and colder winds. It is still beautiful however and the countryside is alive with birdsong.

Country Sounds

We are enjoying the most glorious weather and after a day working outside take time to listen to the sounds of the country while sipping an ‘apéritif ‘. Last evening we once again heard the woodpecker, a regular visitor, drumming away on a nearby tree. A perfect end to a lovely day.

Bonne Santé

Health is very much the topic of the moment. Fortunately all is very calm and tranquil in our beautiful part of the Dordogne. With the onset of Spring and the lengthening days most of our time is now spent outdoors in the sun and fresh air. Hopefully the virus will weaken and all our guests … Read more

Stunning skies

There really is nothing so wonderful than starting and ending a day with a stunning sky. Fortunately we seem to be blessed with many and love them so much we are tempted to catch the moment every time! There are some delights of which you can never tire.