The Lotus Blooms

Having always dreamed of being able to live somewhere warm enough to grow a Lotus plant we are really enjoying the increased number of flowers in its second year of growth. As the grass browns and the heat rises they give a feeling of cool and calm. Truly beautiful.    

Sunflower fields

This is such a colourful time of year with fields of sunflowers stretching over the Dordogne countryside. Sunflower seeds and oil are one of the main crops of the region so there is an extra delight to be had anticipating an excellent harvest.

Our barn owl family

The evenings have been very busy for our barn owls as the young are out practicing flight with their parents. It really is wonderful to be able to sit and watch them and to know that another generation is ready for the world.

Brocante time again

Last Sunday Monpazier held its first Brocante of the year. It was wonderful to see stalls once more being set up and traders exhibiting their wares. The attention to detail was excellent with hygiene being taken very seriously so that buyers could definitely feel comfortable and reassured. Tourists are once again arriving to enjoy the … Read moreBrocante time again


This has been a very busy week harvesting the hay and getting it all baled and shipped out to our buyers. There was a spectacular display of buzzards, thirteen in total, circling and then diving down into the newly cut fields. They were obviously having a feast!

Barn Owl and Bats

Wandering down to the barns early the other morning we were delighted by one of our resident barn owls swooping over our heads while bats were dashing around collecting insects for their breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Gardening Galore

Being blessed with fabulous weather has been wonderful during the present situation. We spend the days outside busy gardening; weeding, pruning and planting. We now need some rain as although we always plant drought resistant plants they do need moisture when they are young and settling in. Fortunately we have a huge pile of mulch. … Read moreGardening Galore