Praying Mantis

This is definitely the time of year when I come across Praying Mantis in the gardens. As I deadhead and tidy up straggling plants I have to keep an eye out for these wonderful creatures in order to make sure my secateurs don’t cause fatal damage or even injury. They have a way of looking … Read more

Wild Achillea

The new grass area in what was once a concrete cattle yard has blossomed this year with the most wonderful display of wild achillea. While it might look tidier to have a mown lawn the beautiful little flowers attract so many insects that we have decided to allow nature to have the benefits and wait … Read more

Social distancing in Monpazier

There are many visitors once again to this beautiful region of France and fortunately they are diligently obeying the social distancing rule and wearing masks in the shops. The main square is normally very busy but the advantage this year is that they can really enjoy the peace ,tranquility and architecture of our wonderful bastide … Read more