Tulip time

With the arrival of the spring equinox and now officially ‘springtime the tulips in the courtyard have sprung into action and are giving a wonderfully colourful display. Outdoor living can begin again.

A hidden cache

We are busy renovating an attic area and in the process have come upon an old secret cache of maize hidden by the pine martin who once called it home. These delightful creatures can be a pest in buildings as they will use any material available from plastic to rubber to insulation to create warm … Read more

The beauty of Blackthorn

With the lengthening days and warmer weather the blackthorn has really blossomed. A plant that survives well here the flowers are a feast for bees and a delight for the eye.

Les Gendarmes

The warmer weather has brought forth ‘Les Gendarmes’! These wonderful little creatures are crowding onto the buxus by the house and procreating like crazy which is all to the good as they eat aphid larva and mealybugs so providing excellent organic pest control. Their name allegedly comes from the uniform worn by Louis XVI ‘s … Read more